Care, with a human touch

At Ranchi Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (RCHRC) we are driven by a philosophy that centres around care, commitment and compassion towards patients.

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Engagement with the community

At RCHRC, our mandate goes beyond patient treatment and care. Regular community-focused initiatives are an integral part of our efforts to create awareness around cancer, its symptoms, and preventive measures, including reducing tobacco consumption. We also conduct capability building programmes for community workers who carry out cancer awareness and screening for early detection of the disease.

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Comprehensive approach

The cancer treatment protocols at RCHRC always put patients first, helping them deal with the physical and psychological aspects of the disease. In addition to providing best-in-class treatment, our team is also trained to be compassionate and empathetic in caring for patients, conveying hope to both them and their loved ones during the recovery process. The holistic range of speciality medical services and therapies at RCHRC supports patients and their families in coping better with the disease, right from consultation and diagnosis to post-operative and post-discharge care.

Making a difference

What sets apart the excellent patient care teams at RCHRC is their drive to deliver all-round, compassionate treatment and support to patients and their families. Our teams are passionate about transforming lives and strive to ensure that our patients feel heard, respected, and valued throughout their treatment journey.

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Transforming lives with care

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